The Ohio Shadows


The year is 2070 and for many, that means being bound by the shackles of corporate influence, or tied to the ever changing streets. While the wage slaves of Mega-Corporations like Ares mill about their day worrying about their productivity and quotas, street urchins along with poverty classified families worry if they are going to ever find something to eat.

The rich and the poor, the corporations and the non. Like they say, every coin has two sides and you either get ahead in life or the ass-end. Ask any real Shadowrunner though, and they’ll tell you every coin has three sides. They will probably also tell you that any drek who gives them the ass-end of the coin is going to get the barrel end of their gun.

This is the story of Shadowrunners. All with their own reasons to be in Ohio, and more in common then they will ever know.

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Ohio Shadows

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