Ohio Shadows

When things are all too easy

Just as described by their mysterious Mr. Johnson, the team received building details, images, and a pickup point for the rest of the monitoring devices that they would be planting at the location.

Thinking it wise to find out who the building belonged to, the team quickly found out that the building was owned and operated by the Humanis Policlub. Knowing the Humanis Policlub to be a group who often clashed against metahumans, the group considered the job too good to be true as most would have done it just to get back at a hate group.

Argent, taking the device Gideon was first given during his meet, decided to pay a visit with his fixer to identify exactly the purpose of the strange device. Having a Fixer that has a large list of contacts makes it easy to find one capable of finding out obscure information. Revis, a seemingly skilled demolitionist, informed Argent for all intents and purposes that the device is exactly as described… a monitoring device capable of audio, visual and apparently olfactory detection.

Satisfied with the information, Argent took the device back to the group and picked up six other of the same devices at a local meet point specified by their Mr. Johnson.

Boom Boom, formulated a plan with the rest of the group to hit the local bars and gather up some metahumans who would be up for running on a Humanis Policlub structure. The idea was to hire enough grunts to create distractions on the lower floors while the team planted the monitoring devices on the twelfth floor.

Wrangling two Brambler gangsters, an ugly female Dwarf, and an Elven male, the group offered their band of deviants meager pay for their work as distraction and vandalism.

Gideon contracted the work of Scramble again (originally hired on Late On Delivery), to provide surveillance and to cut the cameras out during the run.

With their plan coming together, the team struck the Humanis Policlub building at night and quickly infiltrated the security using Scramble’s camera loop to veil their approach. Timing their movement with the patrolling guard’s path, the team successfully made it inside and instructed their group of vandalists to do their thing on the 3rd & 4th floors. Meanwhile, the team slowly made their crawl up to the twelfth floor.

Using stealth and care, the group carefully placed all of their devices in the spots instructed, and started to make their descent back down the building. Everything seemed to be going good until hitting the seventh floor where they heard over the radio that one of the Bramblers who was now disguised in Emerald Shogun See Emerald Shoguns) gear, was being apprehended by one of the guards on duty.

Leaping into action, Argent along with Boom Boom made their way downstairs to subdue the guard while Tevtey Black secured the wayward Brambler. With a little gunfire and some harmless explosions of paintball grenades, the group quickly took their leave before any authorities arrived.

With another job under wraps, the group decided to hit the local bar where they would kill a few beers to celebrate for tomorrow when they would be receiving their pay. Unfortunately, the hopes of big nuyen quickly went away when a news trid at the bar shockingly unveiled the aftermath of the team’s actions.

It seemed the monitoring devices were actually cyanide dispensors, and the chemical sniffers of the compound had been deactivated remotely. Having caught a few images of the group, the media believes the act to be from none other than metahuman terrorists and has prompted Knight Errant to pay Ohio a visit to take over security in Columbus.

Roughly 50 some citizens, many of which who were not of the Humanis Policlub, and many of which were top executives were amongst the victims. With hearts in their throats, the team looked at one another knowing that the betrayal had cost them more than their pay, but quite possibly their entire career in the Ohio Shadows.

When I had mentioned to the group originally that they’d be playing in Columbus, OH, I received a couple of questions from the players asking if they’d get the opportunity to explore outside of Ohio. I know some of the players were long time players of Shadowrun, and while Ohio has potential for some good Shadowrunning, it’s no Seattle.

This mission gave me a chance to give them a reason to go outside of Ohio, and while it was a harsh way of showing them not to trust every Mr. Johnson, I know it will open up to additional side stories that I can easily work into the main plot.

Overall, it had the effect I wanted, and now the group has someone to hate more than the Bramblers.

° Holy drek, please tell that none of you was responsible for the Humanis hit.
• Siphon

° Even though Humanis has done similar work in the past against metahumans, I can assure I’d never of included civilians in the body count.
• Snow

° The Fragging news coverage cut into that Whammos commercial I love.
• Clown-0

° Seriously Clown-0? Fifty or so people die from cyanide, and you complain about them interrupting a stupid mexi-chip commercial?
• Siphon

° What? The chips are awesome, and their mercials are high-larious.
• Clown-0

° Shut up you two, who wants to make some serious Nuyen tracking these knuckleheads down?
• Revis

° Serious Nuyen sounds good, but working with Revis sounds uber bad. • Clown-0

° Better have some convincing leads, whoever did this is probably long gone Revis
• Siphon

° Hit me up with some commcodes, I’ll upload what I got.
• Revis

° Downloaded and reviewed. Working with Revis suddenly sounds like serious Nuyen now.
• Clown-0

° Yeah, interesting stuff here Revis, it’s a shame Piper hasn’t been on here lately or I bet you could count her in.
• Snow

° Well it’s obvious the Emerald Shoguns had no qualms about participating. I imagine their pockets don’t run so deep that they could buy themselves out of this one.
• Tomb

Late On Delivery

Having doubts about their last Mr. Johnson’s credibility, the crew spent a little time on trying to track down a hacker to edit their faces out of the SIM recording. Coming up with a few contacts, the group realizes they’ll have to put their trust in someone and why not it be the man who showed them trust to begin with? Taking their recordings and SIM Modules back to Giovanni’s drop off point, the team collects their pay. Giovanni informs them that they should see the project finished in about 6 months and he thanks them for the recording’s quality.

Gideon’s Fixer rang through on the commlink and upon picking it up, she explained that she had yet another run. Not one to turn down paying work, Gideon asked for more details. It seemed the Employer wanted to assemble a group for a bit of extraction work. However, he only wanted to meet with one individual.

The meet occurred at a local coffee shop and Gideon went over the details with the Mr. Johnson who spared no time in getting to the point. Two delivery vans that would be unmarked would be carrying precious cargo in one of the vans to the airport from one of the Ares facilities. The cargo was to be extracted and brought back to the Mr. Johnson. Gideon negotiated a little hazard pay and half of the payment upfront for him and his team.

After going over the details and covering the basics with the Johnson, Gideon left to meet up with the others to discuss a plan. Many ideas were thrown around in the group. One involved switching out the cargo before it left the Ares facility, and another involved taking the cargo as it was on route. There was still much legwork to be done, and the job was to be completed in two days. The intel they had suggested that the two vans would be taking either of two routes to the airport. Both routes yielded roughly around the same time of travel time due to traffic on one, and the distance on the other. The vans also would be complimented with six guards in each totaling 12 guards to be dealt with. The cargo would be in a briefcase which both of the vans carried.

The team decided to take on the job, and contacted the Mr. Johnson to confirm their involvement. Upon speaking to Gideon, the employer handed off a hacker contact who might yield more intel for the run but his services wouldn’t come for free. A call was placed to the hacker who dubiously was named, “Scramble”. Scramble about choked on the cheese puff he was eating when the corporation Ares was dropped in the conversation. Through his reluctance, he agreed to dig up what he can provided he was paid 1,500 Nuyen now, and more would come upon delivery of his info.

Waiting on the hacker’s results, the group decided that they would scout out both of the possible routes the vans would take tomorrow and layout ambush spots on both as well as the total travel time it would take. To Boom Boom’s surprise though, a news trid reported an attempted cyber break in at one of the local Ares facilities and possible SIN compromises of the employees and clients. A two year credit reporting/monitoring service would be offered to those involved, but more importantly, this meant that the information of the run was potentially compromised. It seemed Scramble wasn’t entirely a ghost in the machine during his digging.

The next day the team followed up on their plan and scouted out the routes. They noticed several unmarked vans coming from the facility and going to the airport so this type of a delivery wasn’t out of the ordinary. As they followed the routes closer to the airport, they settled on several ambush spots that featured overpasses and areas to snipe from. It was just as the group was returning from their scouting that Gideon received a call from the hacker Scramble to report his findings. After a little chastising for his cyber bumble, Scramble explained he was successful in capturing profiles for the guards assigned to the vans as well as important details regarding the route and placement of the cargo.

Reluctantly, Gideon paid an additional 1,500 for the information and was granted images along with security profiles of each of the guards except for two who seemed to be contracted runners for the delivery. One of the runners also seemed to be the magic support of the team which meant trouble. Scramble also informed that the guards would have no knowledge of which of the vans carried the cargo as a sequencer program randomly decides which van’s briefcase will carry the true cargo. The same sequencer code randomly decides which route the vans will take as well. Luckily for the team, Scramble was able to put a back door program in the route sequencer and upon Gideon’s instruction, placed a line of code in to have the vans take the longer route.

Now that the team knew which route the vans would be taking, they set to work on fulfilling their shopping list of explosives, flash bangs, gas masks, and hard hats. Without following proper city code procedures, the team went about “borrowing” some construction cones and signs to litter along their ambush site to make it look more like road repair rather than road demolition. Packing a few potholes with gravel and homemade explosives, the group felt pretty confident about their plan until a Lonestar patrol car stopped to question them. It seemed he had stopped due to the construction crew (the runners) not having proper authorization to perform road work. He informed them not to perform any more work until they went through the proper protocol, and went on his merry way much to the group’s relief.

Everything else transpired uneventful until 9:35 AM the next day which is when the runners anticipated the vans to be arriving to the assault area. Detonating one of the bombs in excellent precision, Boom Boom took out the first of two van’s under carriage making it effectively immobile. The second van however seemed to react very quickly and turned out of the way just in time which seconds later proved to be a wise choice as the second bomb went off spraying gravel and shrapnel into the air.

Now that the jig was up, everyone leapt into action. Argent came out of hiding firing at the first van’s driver’s side window. The bursts of fire opened up a nice size viewport through the bulletproof glass which allowed Boom Boom to drop a flashbang inside. Gideon realizing the second van was still mobile, zoomed ahead in his mirage bike and hopped off to roll a frag grenade under the escaping vehicle.

To Boom Boom’s surprise, the flashbang she had dropped inside the van came flying back out as the startled guard reached for his pistol. Luckily, Argent was much quicker and chucked the flashbang back inside which rebounded nicely to the back of the van. Feeling the flashbang wasn’t enough, Boom Boom added a tear gas cannister to the mix and tossed it to the back of the van as well. Shouts of “Grenades” and “Look out!” came from inside as the Ares security force scrambled for the explosives.

The second van was attempting to get away and gunned it which forced Gideon to correct the angle of his grenade by rolling it closer. Feeling one wasn’t enough, Gideon tossed another just to be sure and then booked it a safe ways away. Argent anticipating the passenger, hurried around the back of the van and closed in on a female guard who had exited the van with a pistol drawn. Surprisingly, she wasn’t such an easy target for melee and the two wrestled for a bit just as the deafening pop of the flashbang and the dispersement of the tear gas erupted from within the van.

Unknown to the group, Raze, who was one of the runners assigned to the mission was mind linked to the Shade, the mage in the second van. With a telepathic message, Shade informed his crew to break out the emergency gas masks. Unfortunately though, the frag grenades rendered the second van inoperable and the van careened off the highway into a ditch shaking up the occupants a bit. From there on it was a pretty straight forward gunfight. Argent ended up taking the female Ares guard as a meat shield as he fired on those exiting the second van. Boom Boom tangled with Raze who even through his disorientation managed to hit her with a spray of bullets which penetrated her jacket.

Gideon tossed in a frag grenade along with Argent who in turn then tossed his human meat shield which resulted in softening up the second van’s guard detail as well. The human mage who hopped out of the passenger side of the van was quickly met with Gideon’s unmerciful shots and Argent along with Boom Boom collected the two briefcases from the vans. Argent quickly Hopped into the westwind which was waiting nearby with Tevtey in it, the other two followed on their bikes eluding the scene.

The group quickly disposed of the briefcases at the drop off which yielded them the rest of their pay. Deciding to lay low for a bit, they were surprised to hear that very same day that they had another job from Gideon’s Fixer. After an unorthodox meeting in one of the Peep Show rooms of a Brothel, Gideon was informed that he would be in charge of forming a team to plant monitoring devices in a certain structure to grant the Johnson surveillance capabilities over the building. Agreeing to the payment conditions, Gideon informed the team and awaited the data package which would contain the details of the building, mission parameters, and expected resistance.

The mission went rather smoothly with the group taking a different avenue than I originally foresaw them taking. I was happy they did a little legwork and was willing to pay some of their credits out to make intel a priority. Also, with the purchasing of the flashbangs and teargas proved to be quite helpful when tackling the Ares security guards.

I expected the two opposing runners “Raze” & “Shade” to be more of a challenge but I think the PCs did as well which is why they quickly dealt with the two upon recognizing them. In situations where I want to give the group more of a challenge, I’ll be sure to amp up the grunts a bit more. But for now, the team is operating pretty well on easy street :)

° That was a hell of a mess near the airport.
• Zero

° That’s why I don’t text and drive.
• Clown-0

° Neg, I’m talking about the mess near the underpass… terrorists, really? I smell a hit and run.
• Zero

° I agree, and the involvement of the two Ares delivery vans tells me there is one AAA megacorporation who is really going to be pressing the streets for these “terrorists”.
• Siphon

° When does the media learn? Terrorists bomb buildings, poison the water, and broadcast creepy beheadings… they don’t pay Ohio highways a visit for a little extraction work.
• Revis

° I dunno, from the look at the civilian body count, I wouldn’t put it past a terrorist group.
• Snow

° Silly girl, ya can’t even spot a megacorporate cleanup when ya see it. • Clown-0

° Agreed. Those civies were silenced after the fact.
• Crossfire

° Well, one thing is for sure.
• Revis

° What’s that?
• Snow

° Whoever these cats are, the Ohio Shadows are about to get a whole lot more interesting.
• Revis

Stars in the Shadows
Scene 1

When you’ve went months without decent pay, a run offer is always welcomed. Through their fixers and in Boom Boom’s case, her mother, the four were told that a Mr. Johnson was hiring runners for an upcoming run. Anxious to hear more details, the group is sure to show up on time (and for the most part, much earlier) than the scheduled 8 PM rendezvous.

Brief conversation was made over the three various colored suzuki mirage bikes that Boom Boom, Gideon, and Tevtey Black brought to the meet. Not knowing the others, the runners quickly made their way to the Johnson’s limo described to them by their contact. A well dressed Ork greeted them surprisingly without any scans for weapons and they piled into the back of the Nightsky Limo to meet their potential Employer.

As it turns out, the Mr. Johnson was a bit of a Matrix Celebrity. Giovanni, producer of SimSense Criminal Reality shows such as “Captured”, and “You wreck it, you buy it”. His offer, as the group found, was a bit unorthodox. The task was simply to capture three scenes under the recordings of a SimRig.

Giovanni explained he hopes to make a compilation of runners that will satisfy his target audience’s need for an adrenaline rush. The scenes, were to include a fight scene, a high speed chase, and a celebration. After some back and forth negotiation on top of the realization of just how desperate a Shadowrunner would have to be to actually take the job of glamorizing the lifestyle, the team started to talk out a plan. The pay seemed to be based on quality, and as long as the fight scenes were fair, the high speed chase was captured, ended with a celebration, pay could be in the ranges of 1500-2000 Nuyen. Giovanni’s eyes lit up when he explained a truly quality film would have to include an explosion, which would almost guarantee a 3000 Nuyen payment.

On top of Giovanni’s offer, it seemed another individual who went by the name, “Mr. Adams” was willing to offer 500 Nuyen per each request that was fulfilled during the recording:
1. The high speed chase scene was recorded downtown around 11:00 PM tomorrow and that the Ares billboard was scene in the shot
2. Sometime during the run someone announced, “It’s time for a celebration” and the group indulged in enjoying a bag of Whammos.
3. Sometime during the run someone offered the line, “Nothing beats my Ares” and an Ares model gun is shown.
4. An altercation is recorded at the Pyramid Club.
5. At least two Lonestar patrol cars are disabled.
6. An explosion is recorded near a certain Stuffer Shack at approximately 9:00 PM tomorrow

The team gawked at being nothing more than ad placement but after realizing how dry work has been, they found they had no choice. Legwork was put to work on establishing a plan and the group settled on instigating two gangs they have encountered (The Bramblers & The Emerald Shoguns) into a gang war to satisfy the action scenes of their run. The explosion was put mostly into the hands of Argent who had demolition training and group did good on scouting out locations before hand to get a feel of the areas.

To instigate the gang war, Tevtey and Boom Boom decided it best they talk to the Emerald Shoguns due to their Japanese features and Argent went along with Gideon to speak to the Bramblers. The Emerald Shoguns were skeptical at first upon being approached by the two female runners, but due to a tip given earlier by Tevtey, they seemed to take the bait that their recently stolen bikes were going to be parted out at a certain Stuffer Shack (which was also conveniently rigged to display a nice light show/explosion).

The Bramblers however were not so accepting of Argent and Gideon. After getting harassed by one of the gang members, the two runners made their way inside the bar to wait to talk to the Bramblers in charge. Apparently, this must’ve been one of the Brambler’s favorite hangouts because the two Street Samurai found themselves surrounded by red and black Brambler jackets. Upon hearing some talk outside the bar, Argent alerted Gideon that they should go check on his sportsbike which at the time was being knocked over and decorated with some gang art. Argent quickly subdued a quick draw gang member who greeted him at the door and Gideon burst through the bar’s front window to greet those who were vandalizing his bike outside. Greeting the graffiti artist with a right hook, Argent quickly accompanied Gideon in the parking lot and insuring distance was kept with their guns drawn, the two made their get away with Argent riding on the back of a new Brambler scorpion bike.

The rest of the run went rather well with the group achieving most of their objectives. The explosion on top of a Stuffer Shack gave a nearby news van it’s report while the Bramblers and Shoguns duked it out in the parking lot. Tevtey showed off some of her driving skills and lead the group away from the chaos which Gideon found to be excellent material for recording.

Argent made sure to include business inside his business and did a favor for his Fixer, “Sparky” by getting the owner of the Pyramid to pay his debt all the while giving the Pyramid some much needed action with the assistance from the others.

The chase scene included a capture of the Ares billboard as planned which seemed to sport a nice Brambler’s gang symbol tatooed over it and Boom Boom made short work of her Brambler pursuers with some well timed grenades. The Dwarf Adept’s luck ran out however when she made the mistake of following Gideon down a one way street and colliding with a stopped car. The impact left her mirage inoperable and she had no choice to leave it behind hitching a ride with Gideon.

Enjoying their ending scene at a local bar and completing their last objective of “it’s time to celebrate” with a bag of Whammos, the group contacted their Johnson to notify him of a job complete. Ensuring before their recordings are released, the runners agreed to lay low outside of town for a while and headed to Cincinnati in hopes of editing their identities out of the recordings.

All in all, the run went great, and made for plenty of opportunities to give the newbies to 4th edition chances to roll dice. We found out the ramming rules in the vehicle section are broken and will probably wing those when encountered and also found out that the opposition will need more dice to give the runners more of a challenge in combat.

Next run should be interesting, and now that we got the introductions out of the way, I’m sure the runners can look forward to more options for pay.

° Any chummers catch the noise ground zero @ c-bus last night?
• Siphon

° If by noise you mean a wreckless westwind full of deviants disobeying Gridguide speed warnings while eluding and shooting at a horde of Bramblers? Nah… didn’t see any of that.
• Clown-0

° Geez, I thought the Bramblers had a pair. I heard they got fraggin’ beat down on their own turf.
• Revis

° Revis, you do know a frequent poster here is part of the Bramblers right?
• Snow

° Oh, I’m sorry, fact/truth isn’t supported here now?
• Revis

° Cut the drek. Can we get back to the topic? Crossfire, you’re new here, any chance ya know them? Cuz I got a credstick that says it’s not locals.
• Siphon

° Wouldn’t happen to be the same Credstick acquired from an Ork incredibly lousy at 5 card poker would it?
• Clown-0

° Neg on that Siphon, I like to stay out of gang affairs.
• Crossfire

° Slot it Clown-0, and Revis, come near Brambler area, I’ll show ya what we got.
• Tomb

° Sigh.
• Siphon


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