Ohio Shadows

When things are all too easy

Just as described by their mysterious Mr. Johnson, the team received building details, images, and a pickup point for the rest of the monitoring devices that they would be planting at the location.

Thinking it wise to find out who the building belonged to, the team quickly found out that the building was owned and operated by the Humanis Policlub. Knowing the Humanis Policlub to be a group who often clashed against metahumans, the group considered the job too good to be true as most would have done it just to get back at a hate group.

Argent, taking the device Gideon was first given during his meet, decided to pay a visit with his fixer to identify exactly the purpose of the strange device. Having a Fixer that has a large list of contacts makes it easy to find one capable of finding out obscure information. Revis, a seemingly skilled demolitionist, informed Argent for all intents and purposes that the device is exactly as described… a monitoring device capable of audio, visual and apparently olfactory detection.

Satisfied with the information, Argent took the device back to the group and picked up six other of the same devices at a local meet point specified by their Mr. Johnson.

Boom Boom, formulated a plan with the rest of the group to hit the local bars and gather up some metahumans who would be up for running on a Humanis Policlub structure. The idea was to hire enough grunts to create distractions on the lower floors while the team planted the monitoring devices on the twelfth floor.

Wrangling two Brambler gangsters, an ugly female Dwarf, and an Elven male, the group offered their band of deviants meager pay for their work as distraction and vandalism.

Gideon contracted the work of Scramble again (originally hired on Late On Delivery), to provide surveillance and to cut the cameras out during the run.

With their plan coming together, the team struck the Humanis Policlub building at night and quickly infiltrated the security using Scramble’s camera loop to veil their approach. Timing their movement with the patrolling guard’s path, the team successfully made it inside and instructed their group of vandalists to do their thing on the 3rd & 4th floors. Meanwhile, the team slowly made their crawl up to the twelfth floor.

Using stealth and care, the group carefully placed all of their devices in the spots instructed, and started to make their descent back down the building. Everything seemed to be going good until hitting the seventh floor where they heard over the radio that one of the Bramblers who was now disguised in Emerald Shogun See Emerald Shoguns) gear, was being apprehended by one of the guards on duty.

Leaping into action, Argent along with Boom Boom made their way downstairs to subdue the guard while Tevtey Black secured the wayward Brambler. With a little gunfire and some harmless explosions of paintball grenades, the group quickly took their leave before any authorities arrived.

With another job under wraps, the group decided to hit the local bar where they would kill a few beers to celebrate for tomorrow when they would be receiving their pay. Unfortunately, the hopes of big nuyen quickly went away when a news trid at the bar shockingly unveiled the aftermath of the team’s actions.

It seemed the monitoring devices were actually cyanide dispensors, and the chemical sniffers of the compound had been deactivated remotely. Having caught a few images of the group, the media believes the act to be from none other than metahuman terrorists and has prompted Knight Errant to pay Ohio a visit to take over security in Columbus.

Roughly 50 some citizens, many of which who were not of the Humanis Policlub, and many of which were top executives were amongst the victims. With hearts in their throats, the team looked at one another knowing that the betrayal had cost them more than their pay, but quite possibly their entire career in the Ohio Shadows.

When I had mentioned to the group originally that they’d be playing in Columbus, OH, I received a couple of questions from the players asking if they’d get the opportunity to explore outside of Ohio. I know some of the players were long time players of Shadowrun, and while Ohio has potential for some good Shadowrunning, it’s no Seattle.

This mission gave me a chance to give them a reason to go outside of Ohio, and while it was a harsh way of showing them not to trust every Mr. Johnson, I know it will open up to additional side stories that I can easily work into the main plot.

Overall, it had the effect I wanted, and now the group has someone to hate more than the Bramblers.

° Holy drek, please tell that none of you was responsible for the Humanis hit.
• Siphon

° Even though Humanis has done similar work in the past against metahumans, I can assure I’d never of included civilians in the body count.
• Snow

° The Fragging news coverage cut into that Whammos commercial I love.
• Clown-0

° Seriously Clown-0? Fifty or so people die from cyanide, and you complain about them interrupting a stupid mexi-chip commercial?
• Siphon

° What? The chips are awesome, and their mercials are high-larious.
• Clown-0

° Shut up you two, who wants to make some serious Nuyen tracking these knuckleheads down?
• Revis

° Serious Nuyen sounds good, but working with Revis sounds uber bad. • Clown-0

° Better have some convincing leads, whoever did this is probably long gone Revis
• Siphon

° Hit me up with some commcodes, I’ll upload what I got.
• Revis

° Downloaded and reviewed. Working with Revis suddenly sounds like serious Nuyen now.
• Clown-0

° Yeah, interesting stuff here Revis, it’s a shame Piper hasn’t been on here lately or I bet you could count her in.
• Snow

° Well it’s obvious the Emerald Shoguns had no qualms about participating. I imagine their pockets don’t run so deep that they could buy themselves out of this one.
• Tomb



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