Tevtey Black

The group's Smuggler


<table> <tr><th>Name:<td>Yvette Bourne<th>Age:<td>27<th>Campaign:<td> Ohio Shadows <tr><th>Alias:<td>Tevtey Black <th>Height:<td>1.7 Meters<th>Lifestyle:<td>Middle <tr><th>Player:<td>Palemoon<th>Weight:<td>61.23 Kilograms<th>Karma:<td>0 </table>


<table> <th>






<td>Rating <tr><th>Body:<td>3/9<th>Charisma:<td>3/12<th>Edge:<td>3/6 <tr><th>Agility:<td>5/10<th>Intuition:<td>5/9<th>Essence:<td>2.60/6.00 <tr><th>Reaction:<td>5/9 (7)<th>Logic:<td>4/9<th>Initiative:<td>10/12 IP:1 <tr><th>Strength:<td>2/9<th>Willpower:<td>3/9<th>Magic/Resonance:<td>N/A </table>

Active Skills

<table> <th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating <tr><th>Athletics Skill Group:<td><th>Electronics Skill Group:<td><th>Outdoors Skill Group:<td> <tr><th>Climbing:<td><th>Computer:<td><th>Navigation:<td>2 <tr><th>Gymnastics:<td><th>Data Search:<td><th>Survival:<td> <tr><th>Running:<td><th>Hardware:<td><th>Tracking:<td> <tr><th>Swimming:<td><th>Software:<td> </table> <table> <th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating <tr><th>Biotech Skill Group:<td><th>Firearms Skill Group:<td><th>Sorcery Skill Group:<td> <tr><th>Cybertechnology<td><th>Automatics:<td>2<th>Counterspelling:<td> <tr><th>Firstaid:<td><th>Longarms:<td>2 <th>Ritual Spellcasting:<td> <tr><th>Medicine:<td><th>Pistols:<td>3<th>Spellcasting:<td> </table> <table> <th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating <tr><th>Influence Skill Group:<td><th>Stealth Skill Group:<td><th>Close Combat Skill Group:<td> <tr><th>Con<td><th>Disguise:<td><th>Blades:<td> <tr><th>Etiquette:<td>2<th>Infiltration:<td> <th>Clubs:<td> <tr><th>Leadership:<td><th>Palming:<td><th>Unarmed Combat:<td> <tr><th>Negotiation:<td>2<th>Shadowing:<td> </table> <table> <th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating<th>Skill Group<td>Rating <tr><th>Conjuring Skill Group:<td><th>CrackingSkill Group:<td><th>Tasking Skill Group:<td> <tr><th>Banishing<td><th>Cybercombat:<td><th>Compiling:<td> <tr><th>Binding:<td><th>Electronic Warfare:<td>3 <th>Decompiling:<td> <tr><th>Summoning:<td><th>Hacking:<td> <th>Registering:<td> </table> <table> <th>Skill Group<td>Rating <tr><th>Mechanic Skill Group:<td>2 <tr><th>Aeronautics Mechanic:<td>2 <tr><th>Automotive Mechanic:<td>2 <tr><th>Industrial Mechanic:<td>2 <tr><th>Nautical Mechanic:<td>2 </table>


<table> <th>Skill<td>Rating<th>Skill<td>Rating<th>Skill<td>Rating <tr><th>Archery:<td> <th>Assensing:<td> <th>Astral Combat:<td> <tr><th>Diving:<td> <th>Dodge:<td>2 <th>Escape Artist:<td> <tr><th>Exotic Ranged Weapon:<td> <th>Exotic Melee Weapon:<td> <th>Gunnery<td> <tr><th>Heavy Weapons:<td> <th>Parachuting:<td> <th>Perception:<td>2 <tr><th>Pilot Aircraft:<td>2 <th>Pilot Ground craft:<td>4 <th>Throwing:<td> </table>

Knowledge Skills

<table> <tr><th>Bikes<td>2<th>Cars<td>2<th>Engineering<td>2 <tr><th>Knowledge<td><th>Local Yakuza Clans<td>1<th>Lonestar Procedures<td>4 <tr><th>Runner Havens<td>3<th>Smugglers<td>3<th>Smuggling Routes<td>2 <tr><th>Weapons<td>2 </table> <table>

Language Skills

<tr><th>English<td>Native<th>Sperethiel<td>2<th>Japanese<td>2 <tr><th>French<td>2<th>Iroquoian<td>1 </table>


<table> <th>Positive<th>Negative <tr><td>Ambidextrous +5<td>Hunted (level 1 – Yakuza) -5 <tr><td>Human-Looking +5<td>Allergy (Gold, Mild) -5 <tr><td><td>Flashbacks (Uncommon, triggered by Katanas)-5 <tr><td><td>Amnesia (24 hours while detained by the Yakuza)-10 </table>


<table> <th>Head<th>Body<th>Left Arm<th>Right Arm<th>Left Leg<th>Right Leg<th>Misc <tr><td>Commlink<td>Bone Lacing (Aluminum)<td><td><td>Smuggling Compartment<td>Smuggling Compartment<td> <tr><td>Control Rig<td>Reaction Enhancer (Rating 2)<td><td><td><td><td> <tr><td>Cybereyes 3 (Flare Compensation/Low-Light Vision/Smartlink/Thermo Vision)<td><td><td><td><td><td> <tr><td>Datajack<td><td><td><td><td><td> <tr><td>Voice Modulator<td><td><td><td><td><td> </table>


<table> <th>Contact<th>Loyalty Rating<th>Connection Rating <tr><td>Genevive “Jet” Vanae (Fixer)<td>5<td>4 <tr><td>Ethan “Edge” Brown (Mechanic)<td>4<td>4 <tr><td>Jonas Smith (Mr. Johnson)<td>3<td>2 <tr><td>William Long aka Long, Willie (Street Doc)<td>2<td>1 <tr><td>Anjin “Eddie Jin” Linto (Yakuza Wakagashira)<td>4<td>4 <tr><td>Eden Brighthawk (Street Shaman)<td>4<td>3 <tr><td>Kittra Li Foun (Ms. Johnson)<td>3<td>1 <tr><td>Sgt. James Fiit (Corrupt Lonestar)<td>3<td>2 </table>


Yvette Bourne, alias Tevtey Black

27 yrs, light tan skin & brown eyes, 5’7”, 135#, long black hair

Tattoos: Full backpiece – Geisha wielding a rosewood handled katana (a duplicate of Hitoro’s katana). Metis Tribal arm bands. Ornate cherry blossoms in UV ink over her heart, wrapping up collar bone – cherry blossoms were Hitoro’s favorite.

Father: Jean-Phillipe Loupe-noir

  • Heritage: Metis (Quebecois & Native American)
  • Location: Quebec Wilderness

Mother: Sakura Ai Moulier

  • Heritage: 1/2 Japanese & 1/2 Quebecois
  • Location: Deceased

Sister: Genevive “Jet” Vanae

  • Heritage: 1/2 Japanese & 1/2 Quebecois Metis
  • Location: Chicago, IL

Her ex-fiance (Hitoro Linto) was the primary personal body guard to Dai Taro Maru, the head of the Yakuza. They’d been engaged for 2 years, together for 4 years when Hitoro passed away. Hitoro was escorting Dai Taro Maru en route to Montreal for Yvette & Hitoro’s wedding. Yvette knew it was a trap & tried to stop Hitoro. She knew that because she was only partly Japanese, Dai Taro Maru did not approve of the marriage. She has survivor’s guilt regarding his passing as Hitoro was killed by stepping between Yvette & the oncoming bullets fired by the other body guards. After Hitoro’s death, Yvette was captured by the Yakuza for interrogation. They feared Hitoro told her things he shouldn’t have. She cannot remember 24 of the 72 hrs she was detained. Friends loyal to her once husband-to-be helped her to escape, including Hitoro’s brother – Anjin “Eddie Jin” Linto. Dai Taro Maru, unaware of Anjin’s deception, has assigned him to monitor Yvette’s whereabouts. Yvette knows of Anjin’s assignment & occasionally feeds him information of gang activity in the former US & Canada in exchange for his continued protection from the Yakuza. The Yakuza hope to use Yvette’s reports on areas she’s working in to their advantage in expanding their realm of influence.

Tevtey Black

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